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  1. ACLU Calls for Stronger Police Body Camera Regulations

    February 23, 2016Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  2. Civil Rights and Justice Advocates to Hold Press Conference on Purchase of Riot Gear for RNC

    March 21, 2016Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties, Police Practices
  3. Settlements Are No Substitute for Police Reforms in Cleveland, Says ACLU

    April 25, 2016Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  4. ACLU says Cleveland’s Proposed Civilian Police Review Ordinance is Insufficient

    August 8, 2016Press releasePolice Practices
  5. ACLU Says Cleveland’s New Use of Force Policy a Marked Improvement, Contingent on Implementation

    September 29, 2016Press releasePolice Practices
  6. ACLU Releases Recommendations for Comprehensive Changes to Cleveland Police Oversight

    November 1, 2016Press releasePolice Practices