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  1. ACLU of Ohio Files New Habeas Petition in Federal Court, Seeking Release of 20 Additional ICE Detainees from Morrow County Jail

    May 5, 2020Press releaseSmart Justice
  2. VICTORY: Sixth Circuit Denies Bureau of Prisons Request to Stall Release & Transfer of Medically Vulnerable Prisoners from Elkton

    May 4, 2020Press releaseSmart Justice
  3. ACLU of Ohio Files Formal Request with ODRC For Public Records re Handling and Management of COVID-19 in Ohio Prisons

    May 5, 2020Press releaseSmart Justice, Drug Policy
  4. ACLU of Ohio Urges Wholesale Rejection of Senate Bill 55, Ohio House Set to Vote at 1pm

    May 6, 2020Press releaseSmart Justice
  5. Elizabeth Hopkins is ACLU of Ohio's New Organizing Director

    May 8, 2020Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties
  6. Death Rate in Ohio Prisons 10x Higher than Rate for State’s Total Population

    May 18, 2020Press releaseSmart Justice
  7. A Federal Judge Issues Order to Enforce Compliance, Requiring Elkton Prison Officials to Expedite Transfer & Release of Medically Vulnerable Subclass through Home Confinement and Compassionate Release

    May 19, 2020Press releaseSmart Justice
  8. Federal Court Grants Relief to Ohioans for Secure and Fair Elections Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic, Allowing Electronic Signatures and Extending Deadline

    May 20, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights
  9. ACLU of Ohio Asks Supreme Court to Deny Bureau of Prisons Request to Block Order That Will Save Lives

    May 22, 2020Press releaseSmart Justice
  10. To Prevent a Primary Repeat, ACLU of Ohio Sends Letter to Ohio Leaders Recommending Voting Reforms Ahead of General Election

    May 22, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights