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  1. 75 Organizations Sign On To Letter Urging Ohio Lawmakers to Provide Virtual Testimony Opportunities as Pandemic Persists

    January 14, 2021Press releaseSmart Justice
  2. Latest Statehouse-to-Prison Pipeline Report Shows Ohio Lawmakers Undermine Criminal Sentencing Reform Year after Year, ACLU Says

    February 17, 2021Press releaseSmart Justice
  3. ACLU of Ohio Enthusiastically Supports Bipartisan Death Penalty Repeal Bill

    February 18, 2021Press releaseSmart Justice
  4. Ohio Voter Rights Coalition Issues Statement in Support of HR 1: The For the People Act

    February 25, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights
  5. ACLU of Ohio, Children’s Law Center, and Juvenile Justice Coalition Condemn Lack of Transparency Around Teen’s Death in Ohio Facility

    February 25, 2021Press releaseSmart Justice
  6. ACLU of Ohio Files Lawsuit On Behalf of Man Unlawfully Arrested for Filming the Columbus Police

    January 11, 2021Press releaseSmart Justice
  7. More than 30 Black Leaders and Advocacy Organizations Formally Demand the Department of Justice to Investigate Columbus Police Department’s History of Police Brutality and Misconduct

    April 29, 2021Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  8. Ohio Fairness Act Reintroduced with Support from LGBTQ Advocates Across The State, 1000+ Businesses, Democrats and Republicans

    March 4, 2021Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  9. Alarming New Data Shows Over-Policing, Racial Disparities, and Lack of Accountability in Cincinnati Public Schools

    April 22, 2021Press releaseRacial Justice, Police Practices, Juvenile Justice, Students Rights, Youth Rights
  10. Leader of ACLU of Ohio University’s Campus Chapter Wins Prestigious National Fellowship

    April 20, 2021Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties