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  1. Ohio Voter Rights Coalition Issues Statement in Support of HR 1: The For the People Act

    February 25, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights
  2. Who Can Vote In Ohio?

    March 20, 2021PageVoting Rights
  3. HB 294 - Enact Ohio Election Security and Modernization Act - Handout

    May 17, 2021PublicationVoting Rights
  4. The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition Identifies Ways that Proposed Election Administration Legislation Will Make Voting More Difficult for Ohioans

    May 17, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights
  5. Ohio Extends Directive Giving Voters Opportunity to Challenge Ballot Signature Mismatches

    May 20, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights
  6. Statehouse Republicans Have Approved Radical Changes to Ohio Budget Bill

    June 11, 2021News updateLGBTQ Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Disability Rights, Voting Rights, Drug Policy, General Civil Liberties
  7. Redistricting In Ohio: Top 4 Things You Should Know

    March 8, 2021News updateVoting Rights
  8. Redistricting Flowcharts

    February 25, 2021PublicationVoting Rights
  9. Ohio Redistricting Effort Officially Kicks Off Friday, August 6

    August 4, 2021News updateVoting Rights
  10. ACLU of Ohio Files Lawsuit Seeking Court Order To Compel Release Of Public Records

    July 8, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights