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  1. ACLU Seeks Answers from Ohio Attorney General About Matrix Data-Mining

    February 19, 2004Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties, Privacy
  2. Surveillance Cameras Threaten Privacy and Waste Taxpayer Money, Says ACLU

    February 28, 2012Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties, Privacy
  3. Ebola Does Not Require Government to Choose between Safety and Freedom

    October 24, 2014News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Privacy
  4. Police Body Cameras Are Promising, but Need Protections in Place

    March 4, 2015News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Open Government, Police Practices, Privacy
  5. Stegmaier DHS Petition

    November 25, 2019CaseFirst Amendment, Free Speech, General Civil Liberties, Privacy
  6. HB 487 - Midterm Budget Review (2011-2012)

    May 29, 2012LegislationDrug Policy, General Civil Liberties, Privacy
  7. Top Ten Myths About Illegal NSA Spying on Americans

    March 8, 2021PublicationGeneral Civil Liberties, Privacy
  8. Drones and Domestic Surveillance: A Civil Liberties Briefing

    March 8, 2021PublicationGeneral Civil Liberties, Privacy
  9. Benjamin Franklin’s New Desk: The 2012 Ed Likover Memorial Lecture » Cleveland

    December 11, 2012PublicationGeneral Civil Liberties, Privacy
  10. What Are Ohio Legislators Cooking Up Now?

    December 3, 2014News updateDeath Penalty, General Civil Liberties, Open Government, Privacy, Reproductive Freedom, Women's Rights