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  1. Constitution Day - 09.17.09

    September 17, 2009News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Open Government
  2. By the people, for the people… but not recorded by the people?

    December 28, 2012News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Open Government
  3. Democracy Dies in the Dark: What’s at stake with JobsOhio

    March 12, 2013News updateOpen Government
  4. ACLU of Ohio Opens Investigations into Secret School Board Meetings

    February 12, 2004Press releaseOpen Government
  5. ACLU of Ohio Files Lawsuit Seeking Jury Records in Cuyahoga County

    September 16, 2004Press releaseOpen Government
  6. ACLU Demands City Turn Over Police Public Records

    October 20, 2005Press releaseOpen Government
  7. ACLU to Lorain Commissioners: "Meetings Must Be Public"

    May 17, 2005Press releaseOpen Government
  8. ACLU Investigates Open Records Dispute

    April 3, 2006Press releaseOpen Government
  9. ACLU Appeals for Transparency in Meetings

    June 20, 2006Press releaseOpen Government
  10. ACLU Urges Newton Falls Officials to Provide Public Records

    August 18, 2009Press releaseOpen Government