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  1. ACLU Calls on Governor to Veto Bill That Would Allow Involuntary Seizure of Blood Without Warrant

    June 18, 2008Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  2. Ohio Supreme Court Decision on Cell Phone Searches Protects Privacy and Due Process

    December 15, 2009Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  3. ACLU Releases Documents on License Plate Scanners from Police Departments Nationwide

    July 18, 2013Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  4. ACLU Calls for Stronger Police Body Camera Regulations

    February 23, 2016Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  5. ACLU of Ohio Supports Bipartisan Legislation That Provides Regulations on Body Worn Cameras

    May 15, 2018Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  6. Police Body Cameras Are Promising, but Need Protections in Place

    March 4, 2015News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Open Government, Police Practices, Privacy
  7. Does Ohio Need a Police Shooting Database?

    July 25, 2015News updateSmart Justice, Open Government, Police Practices, Privacy, Racial Justice
  8. 2016 Must Not Be a Missed Opportunity for Police Body Cameras

    January 29, 2016News updatePolice Practices, Privacy
  9. Monitoring Assemblies and the Importance of Dissent

    January 13, 2017News updateFirst Amendment, Free Speech, Police Practices, Privacy
  10. ACLU Blog » Note to Police: Cell Phones Really Are Hands-Free

    December 15, 2009News updatePolice Practices, Privacy