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  1. Execution Protocols and Procedures

    December 4, 2012News updateDeath Penalty
  2. Ohio Execution Dates

    January 30, 2015News updateDeath Penalty
  3. ACLU Suit Seeks to Expose Initial Moments of Lethal Injection

    September 25, 2003Press releaseDeath Penalty
  4. 115th Death Row Exoneration Emphasizes the Need for a Moratorium on Executions

    August 11, 2004Press releaseDeath Penalty
  5. Jeff Gamso Argues in Front of Supreme Court of Ohio

    June 23, 2004Press releaseDeath Penalty
  6. ACLU Urges Taft to Grant Clemency in Spirko Case

    August 31, 2005Press releaseDeath Penalty
  7. ACLU Demands Openness in Executions

    May 2, 2006Press releaseDeath Penalty
  8. ACLU Says State Convicted Wrong Man in Lucasville Riot Murder

    October 12, 2006Press releaseDeath Penalty
  9. Ohio Supreme Court Makes Crucial Death Penalty Ruling

    June 1, 2006Press releaseDeath Penalty
  10. ACLU Encouraged by House Approval of DNA Testing Bill

    May 18, 2006Press releaseDeath Penalty