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  1. The ACLU Seeks to End Oregon's Exclusion of Gay and Lesbian Couples from Marriage Rights

    March 24, 2004Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  2. ACLU of Ohio Releases Statement Regarding Issue 1

    December 1, 2004Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  3. ACLU of Ohio Fights Overreaching Use of Issue 1

    January 25, 2005Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  4. ACLU Denounces Adoption Ban

    February 10, 2006Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  5. ACLU Applauds Ohio Supreme Court Decision Upholding Domestic Violence Protections

    July 25, 2007Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  6. Equality for All State Employees Long Overdue

    May 17, 2007Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  7. Bill Will Protect Workers from Discrimination

    March 12, 2008Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  8. New Web Campaign,, Encourages People to Talk About What It Means to Be LGBT

    February 4, 2009Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  9. ACLU Calls on Columbus City Council to Protect LGBT Rights

    December 15, 2008Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  10. ACLU Encourages Cleveland City Council to Expand LGBT Rights

    December 8, 2008Press releaseLGBTQ Rights