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  1. Ohio ACLU Wins Kidwell Case in Elections Commission

    July 7, 2000Press releaseFree Speech
  2. ACLU of Ohio Settles Lawsuit Involving Censored T-Shirt

    April 20, 2000Press releaseFree Speech
  3. ACLU Warns Berea Mayor Not to Stifle Criticism on Local Citizen's Group Website

    August 12, 1999Press releaseFree Speech
  4. Ohio ACLU Supports City on Klan March

    August 3, 1999Press releaseFree Speech
  5. ACLU Sues over Appellate Court Gag Rule

    August 21, 2001Press releaseFree Speech
  6. ACLU Sues North Canton Schools over Website Expulsion

    July 26, 2001Press releaseFree Speech
  7. ACLU Settles Federal Lawsuit with Village of Doylestown

    February 20, 2001Press releaseFree Speech
  8. ACLU to Sue Cleveland over Tattoo Ban

    February 12, 2001Press releaseFree Speech
  9. ACLU Wins First Round in Cincinnati Area Sign Cases

    October 30, 2000Press releaseFree Speech
  10. ACLU of Ohio Challenges Election Sign Ban Across the State

    October 26, 2000Press releaseFree Speech