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  1. ACLU Questions Timing of Occupy Cleveland’s Permit Revocation

    May 2, 2012Press releaseFree Speech
  2. Secrecy Continues for JobsOhio

    April 24, 2012Press releaseOpen Government
  3. Execution of Mark Wiles Moves Ohio in Wrong Direction

    April 18, 2012Press releaseDeath Penalty
  4. Trayvon Martin Tragedy Requires Deeper Examination of Justice and Race

    March 29, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice, Racial Justice
  5. Supreme Court Rejects Much of Arizona’s Controversial Immigration Law

    June 25, 2012Press releaseImmigrant Rights
  6. Lawsuit on Abortion Medication Heads to Appellate Court for Oral Arguments

    June 7, 2012Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  7. Allow Anti-Fracking Activists to Participate in Medina County Earth Day, Says ACLU

    April 17, 2012Press releaseFree Speech
  8. Advocates Say 'Enough Already!' to Election Law Changes

    April 12, 2012Press releaseVoting Rights
  9. ACLU Blasts Lack of Transparency in Cleveland School Plan

    April 10, 2012Press releaseOpen Government
  10. Juvenile Justice Advocates Call on Ohio Supreme Court to Protect Children's Access to Counsel

    April 5, 2012Press releaseJuvenile Justice