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  1. Letter Urges Ohio Legislature to Convene, Consider Reforms to Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems

    November 10, 2010Press releaseSmart Justice, Juvenile Justice
  2. ACLU Calls on Legislators to Keep Sexting Teens Out of Criminal Courts

    May 18, 2010Press releaseFree Speech, Juvenile Justice
  3. Teens Should Not Be Criminalized for Poor Judgment, Says ACLU

    February 16, 2011Press releaseJuvenile Justice
  4. Juvenile Justice System Continues to Fail Ohio Children

    December 15, 2011Press releaseJuvenile Justice
  5. Juvenile Justice Advocates Call on Ohio Supreme Court to Protect Children's Access to Counsel

    April 5, 2012Press releaseJuvenile Justice
  6. NEW REPORT: Teens in Solitary Confinement

    October 11, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice, Juvenile Justice, Teen Health
  7. ACLU asks Ohio Department of Education to Phase Out Seclusion Rooms in Three Years

    October 25, 2012Press releaseDisability Rights, Juvenile Justice, Youth Rights
  8. ACLU Asks State Board of Education to Apply New Seclusion & Restraint Rules to Charter Schools

    February 28, 2013Press releaseDisability Rights, Juvenile Justice, Youth Rights
  9. ACLU Asks Supreme Court of Ohio to Strike Down Indiscriminate Shackling of Children in the Courtroom

    March 10, 2014Press releaseJuvenile Justice, Youth Rights
  10. ACLU Comment on U.S. Department of Justice Probe of Cleveland Police Department

    December 4, 2014Press releaseSmart Justice, Juvenile Justice, Police Practices, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice