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  1. FAQ on Town of Greece v. Galloway and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.: Freedom of Religion versus Individual Rights

    July 31, 2014News updateReligious Liberty
  2. Upcoming Likover Memorial Lecture Explores Religious Liberty After Greece v. Galloway

    August 26, 2014News updateReligious Liberty
  3. Prayer at Public Meetings? Religious Liberty post-Greece v. Galloway Explained

    September 10, 2014News updateReligious Liberty
  4. Inspiring a New Generation of Activists

    October 20, 2014News updateFree Speech, Police Practices, Racial Justice, Religious Liberty
  5. Celebrate the Holidays, But Don’t Let the Government Pick Favorites

    December 24, 2014News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Religious Liberty
  6. HB 376 - Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act (2013-2014)

    May 19, 2014LegislationReligious Liberty