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  1. Ohio Must Halt Executions

    September 24, 2007Press releaseDeath Penalty
  2. 'Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising' to Be Performed at the New York International Fringe Festival

    July 14, 2008Press releaseDeath Penalty
  3. ACLU Wins Lethal Injection Challenge

    June 11, 2008Press releaseDeath Penalty
  4. ACLU Initiates Investigation into Failed Execution

    September 18, 2009Press releaseDeath Penalty
  5. ACLU Calls on State to Stop Executions Indefinitely

    September 15, 2009Press releaseDeath Penalty
  6. ACLU Criticizes State for Refusing to Review Failed Execution

    September 30, 2009Press releaseDeath Penalty
  7. ACLU Files Lawsuit to Ensure Death Row Inmates Have Equal Access to Courts

    April 13, 2010Press releaseDeath Penalty
  8. ACLU Renews Call for Moratorium on Executions

    October 7, 2009Press releaseDeath Penalty
  9. ACLU Decries State’s Decision to Resume Executions Despite Continuing Concerns

    December 8, 2009Press releaseDeath Penalty
  10. ACLU Asks Governor Kasich to Grant Clemency to Condemned Man Scheduled for June Execution

    May 18, 2011Press releaseDeath Penalty