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  1. ACLU Says State Convicted Wrong Man in Lucasville Riot Murder

    October 12, 2006Press releaseDeath Penalty
  2. Ohio Voters Seek Stronger Role for Congress in Checking President's Actions, Poll Shows

    October 10, 2006Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties
  3. Federal Court Defends Woman's Health

    September 28, 2006Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  4. ACLU Victorious in Ohio Patriot Act Challenge

    September 13, 2006Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties
  5. Voting Rights Group Challenge Voter Intimidation Provision

    August 29, 2006Press releaseVoting Rights
  6. ACLU Challenges Funeral Protest Ban

    August 25, 2006Press releaseFree Speech
  7. Parties Announce Win-Win on OTR Sheriff Patrols

    August 24, 2006Press releasePolice Practices
  8. ACLU Calls on School Officials to End Religious Ceremony

    August 23, 2006Press releaseReligious Liberty
  9. ACLU Calls on Police, Communities to Stop Profiling

    August 15, 2006Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties
  10. Proposed Initiative Will Prove Harmful to Communities, Taxpayers

    August 4, 2006Press releaseImmigrant Rights