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  1. ACLU Sues Cleveland, Police Department over Officer Gag Order

    October 9, 2003Press releaseFree Speech, Police Practices
  2. ACLU Announces Global Damage Settlement in Cincinnati

    May 21, 2003Press releasePolice Practices
  3. Plaintiffs Appoint Advisory Panel in Cincinnati Police Practices Lawsuit

    May 1, 2003Press releasePolice Practices
  4. ACLU Files Enforcement Motion in Cincinnati Police Practices Lawsuit

    November 19, 2004Press releasePolice Practices
  5. ACLU Calls for Beck to End Race-Based Profiling

    October 25, 2005Press releasePolice Practices
  6. Parties Announce Win-Win on OTR Sheriff Patrols

    August 24, 2006Press releasePolice Practices
  7. ACLU Calls for Thorough Investigation into County Jail

    June 27, 2006Press releasePolice Practices
  8. ACLU Demands Department of Justice Investigate Death at Butler County Jail

    April 10, 2007Press releasePolice Practices
  9. ACLU Calls on Governor to Veto Bill That Would Allow Involuntary Seizure of Blood Without Warrant

    June 18, 2008Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  10. ACLU Blasts Columbus Police Decision to Deny Records

    March 29, 2010Press releasePolice Practices