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  1. ACLU of Ohio launches investigation into Ohio Board of Education’s recent adoption of “Critical Analysis of Evolution” Lesson Plan

    April 16, 2004Press releaseReligious Liberty
  2. ACLU of Ohio Demands Cancellation of Franklin County Sponsored "Faith Based" Concert

    August 16, 2004Press releaseReligious Liberty
  3. ACLU Calls on School Officials to End Religious Ceremony

    August 23, 2006Press releaseReligious Liberty
  4. ACLU Files Lawsuit Calling for Religious Documents to Be Removed from Courtroom

    October 7, 2008Press releaseReligious Liberty
  5. ACLU Warns Officials on Use of Sectarian Prayer

    June 19, 2008Press releaseReligious Liberty
  6. ACLU Asks That Judge Be Held in Contempt of Court

    May 29, 2008Press releaseReligious Liberty
  7. School Must Respect Religious Beliefs of Others

    May 28, 2008Press releaseReligious Liberty
  8. Terrorism Finance Laws Undermine Ohio Muslims' Religious Freedom, Says ACLU

    June 16, 2009Press releaseFree Speech, General Civil Liberties, Religious Liberty
  9. Court Sides With ACLU in Religious Freedom Case

    October 9, 2009Press releaseReligious Liberty
  10. ACLU of Ohio Declares Victory in School Prayer Case

    October 19, 2009Press releaseReligious Liberty