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  1. ACLU Encourages Cleveland City Council to Expand LGBT Rights

    December 8, 2008Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  2. ACLU Warns Highway Patrol to Stop Racial Profiling

    December 2, 2008Press releaseRacial Justice
  3. Inspector General's Findings on 'Joe the Plumber' Case Show State Needs Immediate Reform

    November 20, 2008Press releasePrivacy
  4. ACLU Calls on Governor to Take Lead on Creating Privacy Protections

    November 14, 2008Press releasePrivacy
  5. Mayor's Plan to Equalize Drug Charges First Step in Bringing Fairness to Justice System

    November 14, 2008Press releaseDrug Policy
  6. Sign Restrictions Violate Free Speech

    October 29, 2008Press releaseFree Speech
  7. ACLU Says, 'Refuse to Leave!'

    October 28, 2008Press releaseVoting Rights
  8. ACLU Urges Attorney General to Reject White House Challenge of 200,000 Registered Voters

    October 28, 2008Press releaseVoting Rights
  9. Voting Rights Groups Warn Prosecutors About Investigating Ohio Voters

    October 21, 2008Press releaseVoting Rights