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  1. ACLU of Ohio Files Motion for Summary Judgment in Case Alleging Excessive Force by Columbus Police Officers

    July 15, 2019Press releaseFree Speech, Police Practices
  2. ACLU of Ohio to Attorney General Yost: Preserve Ohioans’ Privacy Rights in Thorough Review of Facial Recognition Database

    July 18, 2019Press releasePrivacy
  3. City of Bedford Ceases Enforcement of Unconstitutional Nuisance Ordinance

    July 22, 2019Press releaseSmart Justice
  4. Public Records Reveal 30+ Juveniles Transferred to Crisis-Ridden Cuyahoga County Jail in 2019; ACLU of Ohio Expresses Grave Concerns, Wants Answers

    August 6, 2019Press releaseSmart Justice
  5. ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Preterm File Motion for Permanent Injunction in Case Challenging Ohio’s Near Total Abortion Ban

    August 20, 2019Press releaseWomen's Rights
  6. ACLU of Ohio and Demos Settle Long-Running Voter Purge Case, Extending APRI Exception Through 2022

    August 29, 2019Press releaseVoting Rights
  7. VICTORY! Transgender Ohioans to Get Their Day in Court in Lawsuit Against the State

    September 12, 2019Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  8. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Block on Law Banning Abortion Based on Patient’s Reason

    October 11, 2019Press releaseWomen's Rights
  9. Justice Advocates Discover Rates of Youth Sent to Adult Court in Cuyahoga County Have Nearly Doubled Since 2016

    October 22, 2019Press releaseSmart Justice
  10. ACLU of Ohio Urges Wholesale Rejection of Senate Bill 55

    October 30, 2019Press releaseSmart Justice, Drug Policy