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  1. Letters to Ohio Courts regarding the use of Debtors' Prisons in Ohio

    April 3, 2013News updateSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice
  2. Hope Rising: Life After Debtors’ Prison

    September 11, 2013News updateSmart Justice
  3. About-Face: The Troubled Launch of Ohio’s New Facial Recognition System

    September 6, 2013News updateOpen Government, Privacy
  4. New ACLU Litigation is About Good Government and Reproductive Freedom

    October 9, 2013News updateReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights
  5. Standing on the Side of Justice

    November 5, 2013News updateSmart Justice, Death Penalty, Drug Policy, Racial Justice
  6. Standing Against the Death Penalty

    October 24, 2013News updateSmart Justice, Death Penalty
  7. SCOTUS Scorecard

    July 1, 2013News updateGeneral Civil Liberties
  8. Getting to the root of suicide behind Ohio prison bars

    September 30, 2013News updateSmart Justice, Death Penalty
  9. The Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement

    February 5, 2013News updatePolice Practices