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  1. Here’s Why Mass Incarceration Should Be Seen As A Public Health Crisis

    April 30, 2021News updatePrisoners' Rights, Smart Justice
  2. House Bill 101 – Interested Party Testimony

    April 28, 2021News updatePrisoners' Rights, Smart Justice
  3. Dear Cleveland, We Need Bail Reform. Now.

    March 10, 2021News updateJuvenile Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Smart Justice
  4. The Outskirts of Hope: How Ohio’s Debtors’ Prisons Are Ruining Lives and Costing Communities

    April 1, 2013PublicationSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice
  5. Prisons for Profit: Ohio Prisoners Turn Into Dollar Signs

    June 1, 2014PublicationPrisoners' Rights
  6. Prisons For Profit

    March 5, 2015PagePrisoners' Rights, Smart Justice
  7. ACLU of Ohio and OJPC Sue Ohio Parole Board for Allowing Victim-Related Statements to be Submitted in Secret When Determining an Individual’s Eligibility for Parole

    May 13, 2021Press releaseSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  8. ACLU of Ohio Calls on Biden Administration and Local Sheriffs to Provide Vaccine Access to All Immigrants Detained at Butler, Geauga, Morrow, and Seneca County ICE-Contracted Jail Facilities

    May 27, 2021Press releaseImmigrant Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  9. How Ohioans Feel About Bail Reform

    March 24, 2021PublicationSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  10. Ohio's Cash Bail System: Current vs. Proposed

    June 2, 2021PublicationSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights