Privacy Press Releases

  • 08.31.16

    ACLU Cautions Ohio Attorney General on FBI Access to Ohio’s Facial Recognition Database

    COLUMBUS—The ACLU of Ohio sent a letter to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine urging him to reject a potential agreement with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to provide access to Ohio’s law enforcement database (OHLEG), including the state’s facial recognition data. The letter cites concerns with the FBI’s use of facial recognition technology and the Read more…

  • 02.23.16

    ACLU Calls for Stronger Police Body Camera Regulations

    Pending Legislation Fails to Provide Privacy Protections or Police Accountability

    COLUMBUS—Today the ACLU of Ohio gave testimony to the Ohio House Local Government Committee on House Bill 407, which attempts to put in place standards for the use of police body worn cameras. The ACLU expressed concerns about the lack of specific guidance in the proposed legislation. “Ohio needs more than what HB 407 provides,” Read more…

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  • 08.26.13

    ACLU Calls on DeWine to Shut Down Premature Launch of Facial Recognition Program

    Launching This Program Without Proper Protocols Ignores Serious Privacy Concerns

    CLEVELAND – Today, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio called on Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to pull the plug on a controversial facial recognition program after a Cincinnati Enquirer investigation revealed that it was launched without his knowledge, without proper protocols to govern its use, and without informing the public. At a press Read more…

  • 07.18.13

    ACLU Releases Documents on License Plate Scanners from Police Departments Nationwide

    Location Records Being Kept on Millions of Innocent Americans

    CLEVELAND – Police departments across the country are expanding their use of automatic license plate readers (ALPR’s) to track the location of American drivers, but few have meaningful rules in place to protect drivers’ privacy rights, according to documents compiled in a new ACLU report titled You Are Being Tracked: How License Plate Readers Are Read more…

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  • 04.18.13

    Dayton Abandons Aerial Surveillance Plan

    Any Future Programs Should Fully Address Civil Liberties Issues

    DAYTON, OH – Yesterday, the Dayton City Manager withdrew a controversial airborne surveillance program from consideration before the Dayton City Commission. The announcement came less than two weeks after a Dayton community group voiced their concerns about the program’s cost and impact on privacy. “We appreciate the city’s recognition of the potential for privacy violations Read more…