Voting Rights Press Releases

  • 09.13.18

    ACLU of Ohio Endorses Issue 1

    Initiative Would Decriminalize Certain Drug Offenses and Redirect Money from Prisons to Communities

    CLEVELAND — The ACLU of Ohio urges a “yes” vote on State Issue 1, which will reduce the number of people in state prison and reinvest the savings to  drug treatment programs and community services. The ballot measure would amend the state Constitution and require all fourth and fifth-degree felony offenses for obtaining, possessing, or Read more…

    Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, Voting Rights
  • 06.26.18

    The ACLU of Ohio Files Amended Complaint in Gerrymandering Lawsuit

    COLUMBUS — Today, June 26, the ACLU of Ohio filed an amended complaint in its lawsuit challenging Ohio’s U.S. congressional map as unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering. Earlier this month the Supreme Court ruled on two gerrymandering cases, Gill v. Whitford, and Benisek v. Lamone, from Wisconsin and Maryland respectively, which clarified the path forward for the Read more…

    Voting Rights