Voting Rights Press Releases

  • 06.26.18

    The ACLU of Ohio Files Amended Complaint in Gerrymandering Lawsuit

    COLUMBUS — Today, June 26, the ACLU of Ohio filed an amended complaint in its lawsuit challenging Ohio’s U.S. congressional map as unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering. Earlier this month the Supreme Court ruled on two gerrymandering cases, Gill v. Whitford, and Benisek v. Lamone, from Wisconsin and Maryland respectively, which clarified the path forward for the Read more…

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  • 06.11.18

    U.S. Supreme Court Rules Ohio May Reinstate Practice of Purging Voters From Its Rolls for Not Voting

    WASHINGTON – In a 5-4 ruling in Husted v. APRI, the U.S. Supreme Court today upheld an Ohio voter purge practice that removes infrequent voters from the registration rolls. The decision creates a danger that other states will pursue extreme purging practices to disenfranchise millions of eligible voters across the country. “Today’s decision threatens the Read more…

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  • 05.23.18

    ACLU Files Federal Challenge to Partisan Gerrymandering in Ohio

    ‘Politicians Shamelessly Flouted Will of Voters with Partisan Manipulation of Election Process’

    CINCINNATI — The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit today challenging the Ohio U.S. congressional map as unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering. The lawsuit seeks to replace the map with one that accurately reflects the will of voters and complies with the Constitution. “Ohio’s map was manipulated to create a congressional delegation with a 12-4 Read more…

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