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Current Action Alerts

  • Build a Healthy Ohio! Protect Health Care For Pregnant Women

    Ohio has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the nation, but Governor Kasich’s new budget proposal makes it harder for low-income women to access prenatal care.

    In 2013, Governor Kasich pushed through Medicaid expansion, providing access to health insurance for thousands of low-income Ohioans. Since then he has advocated for the state to take action to reduce infant mortality.

    Unfortunately, the governor now is rolling back public health coverage for Ohio families.

    Under the new plan, women earning more than $27,724 for a family of three would no longer qualify for Medicaid. This forces people to make impossible choices between paying health insurance premiums and putting food on the table.

    Leading health organizations identify prenatal care as a key factor in preventing premature delivery, lifelong health problems and infant mortality. Keeping Medicaid available to low-income families is a key to building a healthier Ohio.

    It’s time for Governor Kasich and the legislature to put action behind their words. Contact Senate Finance Committee Chairman Scott Oelslager and tell him to restore funding for Medicaid expansion.


  • Don’t let politicians mislead people with disabilities
    about their rights!

    People with disabilities have rights too, but politicians in our statehouse are trying to mislead them and their guardians.

    House Bill 50 would create a “ward’s bill of rights” that would be handed out to people with disabilities and their guardians throughout the state. This document would create no rights but would inform wards of many of their existing rights. While this sounds like a noble effort, special interests have caused several of our most important rights to be left on the cutting room floor.

    The right to privacy and the right to vote were both struck after protests from anti-choice groups and judges. Despite pleas from advocates, legislators also refused to include the right to practice religion. To add insult to injury, the bill also includes a provision telling people with disabilities they do not have a right to get an abortion, which is simply untrue.

    It is unconscionable for politicians to mislead people with disabilities about their rights, either by omission or misinformation. We need you to contact House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and tell him to stop this bill from a full House vote until these concerns are addressed.

  • Keep Vote-By-Mail Convenient!

    We need your help to ensure everyone gets an absentee ballot application in 2016!

    Politicians are playing games with our state budget, and have neglected to fund sending vote by mail applications to all Ohio voters. This means that millions of Ohioans who have come to rely on these mailings will be left wondering where they are as they get ready to vote in 2016.

    Take a stand for voting rights and ask Ohio Senate Finance Committee Chair Scott Oelslager to fund absentee ballot applications.