It’s 2016 and everybody’s watching. Get registered Ohio.


Roadsign: Register 2016

Even though our state plays such a huge role in determining the direction of one of the most powerful countries in the world, voters remain disengaged, especially in primary elections. According to data from the Ohio Secretary of State, the average voter turnout in primary elections since 1986 is about 28.55 percent. In Ohio’s last primary in May of 2014, less than 17 percent of voters cast a ballot. Less than one in five people voted.

Primary elections are times when parties come together to choose their candidates for the offices which affect our lives the most. These are not just federal offices. Our day-to-day lives are more deeply impacted by what happens in the Ohio General Assembly, on our county boards of commissioners, and in our city and village councils. In so many ways our lives are impacted by the people we elect to lead us, but when selecting these people only a handful of Ohioans actually show up and vote.

Frustrated with Government? Speak now.

Have you ever been frustrated by how Congress works? You wouldn’t be alone. Approval of the U.S. Congress currently sits at 16 percent. Our elected leaders work for us only when we let them know what we want. This comes in many forms including phone calls, letters, and in-person visits, but the most important indicator of our (dis)satisfaction with their service is the vote that sends or removes them from office.

The registration deadline for the March 15 primary election is February 16. You can find all the information you need to register—and even update your registration—on the Secretary of State’s website.

The deadline to register for the March 15 primary election is Tuesday, February 16. Visit our Vote Center to find out how to register.

In 2014, less than one in five registered voters decided who our candidates for statewide office would be. This March, we get to decide who will run for president in November. Let’s make sure that the decision is made by a plurality of Ohioans, not just a small handful.

Register to vote. Encourage and help your friends and family register to vote. If you have any questions about what your rights are as a voter, visit our Vote Center. The nation is watching Ohio. Let’s give them something to talk about.

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