Police Practices

Cleveland Police Shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams


On November 29, 2012, dozens of police cars from multiple law enforcement jurisdictions participated in a 26-minute police chase through three northeastern Ohio cities. The chase ended on a dead-end street in East Cleveland, where 13 Cleveland police officers fired at least 137 rounds into one trapped vehicle, killing two unarmed suspects, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

In the weeks that followed, there were far more questions than answers.

On February 5, 2013, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine released the results of a state investigation into the shooting, calling the events of that night a “systemic failure” of Cleveland police policies.

For more information, read the following:  Ohio Attorney General’s report; U.S. Department of Justice’s investigation; ACLU  comment regarding the DOJ findings;  ACLU of Ohio’s letter to the city of Cleveland, U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Justice.