Prisoners' Rights

Prisons for Profit: A Toolkit for Film Screenings and Discussion


While the ACLU of Ohio will provide a speaker for your group on prison privatization and the documentary, Prisons for Profit, we have also created a toolkit so you can present the material yourself.

Prisons for Profit PowerPoint Presentation

The Prisons for Profit PowerPoint presentation contains 25 slides. You can print handouts of the PowerPoint slides so audience members can follow along and take notes.


Presenters can use this comprehensive outline which overviews prison privatization and goes with the PowerPoint slides. It incorporates using the below-listed Conversation Cards for discussion after the film. You can expect the program to run about 60-90 minutes including the presentation, film showing, and questions and discussion.

Conversation Cards

Engage your audience by utilizing conversation cards. Cut out the cards and distribute them for small group discussions. For example, divide your audience into groups of 5-10, give each group a few cards to discuss, and then have them report back to the entire group.

Watch Prisons for Profit: 18 Months in the Life of the Nation’s First Prison Sold for Profit