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SB 305 – Hidden Vehicle Compartment (2011-2012)

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The bill prohibits a person from operating, possessing, or using a vehicle with a hidden compartment if it is known that the compartment is intended or used to conceal drugs. It also bars individuals who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to 1st or 2nd degree felony aggravated drug trafficking charges from operating, possessing, or using a vehicle with a hidden compartment. Hidden compartments that have no drugs or visible drug residue are permitted.

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Our take on this bill:

The ACLU of Ohio believes SB 305 is an unnecessary and unproductive expansion of law. Drug trafficking is already prohibited under Ohio law, so there is no use for shifting the focus to the container. Further by focusing on the container itself, this bill criminalizes a person with prior felony drug trafficking convictions simply for driving a car with a hidden compartment, regardless of whether or not drugs or even drug residue are present.

Bill Status:

Bill substituted on 05/03/2012

Bill amended on 06/12/2012