Drug Policy Legislation

SB 57 – Opioid Overdose Prevention Pilot Project (2013-2014)

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SB 57 would institute a pilot program in Lorain County to train and certify emergency responders to obtain and administer naloxone, a pharmaceutical drug used to counter the effects of an opiod overdose. The project would also require the implementation of a system for reporting instances of naloxone use, including maintaining records of the identity of the individual to whom the naloxone was administered.

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Public Safety / Local Government / Veterans Affairs (S), Transportation / Public Safety / Homeland Security (H)
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Our take on this bill:

In general, the ACLU of Ohio supports these types of policies and programs, as they address important public health concerns outside of the criminal justice system.

However, SB 57 raises privacy concerns, because the legislation requires reporting the names of those who are administered naloxone to treat an apparent overdose. The ACLU of Ohio recommends amending SB 57 to use anonymous reporting.

Bill Status:

Passed the Senate on 05/15/13

Testimony on 6/18/13

Passed House 06/26/13

Senate Concurrence 06/27/13

Sent to Governor 07/08/13