Voting Rights Legislation

Amendment to HB 59 – FY 2014-2015 Main Operating Budget (2013-2014)

As It Pertains to Voting Rights

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To read an excerpt of the bill as it affects voting rights, click here.

HB 59 is the main operating budget for fiscal years 2014-2015, though voting rights stand to be affected by a provision that specifies students who receive a letter or utility bill for use as voter identification receive in-state tuition.

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Finance and Appropriations (H)
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Our take on this bill:

HB 59 presents another controversial voter ID restriction, though instead of limiting acceptable forms of ID like previous bills, it targets students’ access to some valid forms of voter ID. By requiring public colleges and universities to charge in-state tuition to students they provide with a letter or utility bill to use as voter ID, these institutions are compelled to choose between losses in revenue or undercutting students’ access to the ballot box. The ACLU of Ohio opposes efforts like this that create additional barriers and discourage students from exercising their voting rights.

Bill Status:

This amendment was removed from HB 59 (Budget Bill) on May 29, 2013.

Success was achieved thanks to an outpouring of public comments from Ohioans who oppose these attacks on voting rights. However, the Budget process is not complete, and we will continue to monitor this issue.