• 12.21.13

    Media Roundup » 12/13/13 through 12/20/13


    * ACLU of Ohio Mentioned Prisoner and Reporter Talk about ACLU Lawsuit over Media Access to Lucasville Riot Inmates – Ideastream, 12/13* Redistricting reform needs to be a priority for the state’s constitutional modernization commission – Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/14 Ohio’s 2014 legislative calendar will be crammed with election-year politicking and backroom pleading –,more »

  • 12.14.13

    Media Roundup » 12/07/13 through 12/13/13


    Nick Worner commentary: Legislature bent on making voting harder – Columbus Dispatch, 12/7 Unclear how Ohio religious-freedom bill fits with church-state divide – Columbus Dispatch, 12/9 Cellphone Companies Reveal How Often They Hand Your Data Over to Law Enforcement –, 12/9 Agencies collected data on Americans’ cellphone use in thousands of ‘tower dumps’ –more »

  • 12.13.13

    On Bill of Rights Day: Work to Make Rights Real


    In 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed December 15 Bill of Rights Day, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the founding document’s ratification in 1791. December 15 was to be, in Roosevelt’s words, “a day of mobilization for freedom and for human rights, a day of remembrance of the democratic and peaceful action by which these rightsmore »

  • Let me Vote


    Ohio Legislature Bent on Making Voting Harder


    Below is an excerpt from an Op/Ed that appeared in The Columbus Dispatch on 12/07/2013. It’s no big secret that manipulating voting laws is a partisan blood sport in Ohio. The controversies of 2004 are the stuff of legend, and in 2012 we saw a voting bill so obviously partisan that the voters themselves organizedmore »

  • 12.07.13

    Media Roundup: 11/24/13 through 12/06/13


    Gun-bill provision worries cities – Columbus Dispatch, 11/25 Did Hamilton Co. prosecutor Joe Deters vote improperly? – Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/25 Statue of Jesus sought near school that removed painting – Columbus Dispatch, 11/26 Peter Lewis is praised at his funeral for his drive, creativity and generosity – Cleveland Plain Dealer, 11/27 Toledo prison officer attackedmore »

  • 11.26.13

    Civil Liberties and the Holidays


    Our nation’s founders understood that true religious liberty can only flourish when the government remains neutral on matters of faith. With this in mind, people often have questions during the holiday season about the constitutionality of various celebrations going in their towns or schools. To answer some of these questions, The ACLU of Ohio hasmore »

  • 11.25.13

    Media Roundup » Week of 11/16/13


    Downtown Cincinnati panhandlers a growing presence – Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/15 The Senate votes to end employment discrimination against gays; now the House must take up the cause – Plain Dealer, 11/17 Another Ohio prison inmate commits suicide – AP, 11/18 Arguments to ricochet as gun bill is debated – Columbus Dispatch, 11/18 Supreme Court upholdsmore »

  • 11.16.13

    Media Roundup » 11/01/13 through 11/15/13


    Supreme Court to hear new case on religion in public life – Washington Post, 11/1 Voter ID law snags former House Speaker Jim Wright – Fort Worth Star Telegram, 11/2 Commentary: Timing an issue for Republicans pushing minor party bill – Dix Capital Bureau, 11/4 Coal Baron and Major Ken Cuccinelli Campaign Donor Sues Bloggermore »

  • 11.05.13

    Standing on the Side of Justice


    On Saturday, November 2, 2013, a coalition of faith groups, unions, professional associations, community groups, and rights organizations (including the ACLU of Ohio) held a rally at the Ohio Statehouse. Visit our Facebook album for pictures from the rally. At this rally, we called on Ohio lawmakers to halt the death penalty, end the warmore »

  • 11.02.13

    Giving a Voice to Those Impacted by the War on Drugs


    Last week, I attended the Drug Policy Alliance’s International Drug Policy Reform Conference held in Denver, Colorado. The Drug Policy Alliance and its talented staff did a masterful job of putting together a conference that gave a voice to many people impacted by the War on Drugs while highlighting the multitude of reasons why thismore »