This bill revises laws regarding access to polling places, especially for people with disabilities. Specifically, the updated provisions cover:

  • Clarifying and extending physical accessibility and voting booth time accommodations for people with disabilities at the polls;
  • Extending the time limit for using a voting machine or compartment from 5 minutes to 10 minutes when all are in use;
  • Permitting journalists access to polling locations and;
  • Mandating polls stay open after closing time to accommodate people in line for in-person early voting

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Our Take on This Bill

Ensuring access to the polls is fundamental to keeping elections open to all voters, and the ACLU of Ohio advocates for voters having the necessary accommodations to cast their ballots. SB 10 strengthens existing law to make accessing the polls easier for many Ohioans.


State Government Oversight and Reform (S)


Sen. Bacon (R), Sen. Beagle (R), Sen. Burke (R), Sen. Eklund (R), Sen. Faber (R), Sen. Gardner (R), Sen. Hite (R), Sen. Jones (R), Sen. LaRose (R), Sen. Lehner (R), Sen. Manning (R), Sen. Obhof (R), Sen. Oelslager (R), Sen. Patton (R), Sen. Widener (R)


Sen. Coley (R), Sen. Smith (D)



Bill number

SB 10