SB 189 provides a definition of drones and spells out regulations for the state and state employees’ operations of drones:

  • Codifies limits on when, what, where, and how long information can be collected or stored.
  • Provides for operation of drones in emergency operations and permits law enforcement certain flexibilities for use.
  • Requires warrants or individualized consent for drone operation in non-emergency situations.
  • Bans weapons on drones.
  • Creates a process of disciplinary action for violations of the bill.
  • Grants judicial oversight.
  • Establishes public reporting requirements for both judicial oversight actions and for each operation of a drone.

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Our Take on This Bill

The ACLU of Ohio strongly supports this legislation. SB 189 provides the necessary checks and balances on these technologies that are currently unregulated. This bill helps to protect the privacy of Ohioans while also allowing for effective use of drones by law enforcement and state agency employees in emergency situations. Drones will continue to advance and the ACLU of Ohio encourages the legislature to act on this bill to provide proper civil liberties protections for now and in the future.


State Government Oversight and Reform (S)


Sen. Jordan (R)



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SB 189