Companies and organizations all across our state—big and small—have matching gift programs to help support the causes most important to their employees. Matching gift programs often match the full dollar amount of an employee’s contribution which can double your support!

Questions? For more information about matching gifts, please email or call us at (614) 586-1959.

Matching gift programs are a great employee benefit and integral to the success of the ACLU of Ohio Foundation. Please do not let you or your spouse’s employer’s matching gift funds go unnoticed. Each gift helps support a strong ACLU of Ohio Foundation to better enable us to protect civil liberties across Ohio.
How it works:

  • Check out our list of companies that match gifts to see if your company has a matching gift program.
  • Not on the list? Call your company’s human relations (HR) or payroll department to ask if there is a matching gifts program.
  • Contact your HR or payroll department and request a matching gift form.
  • Complete the form and send it to:
    • ACLU of Ohio Foundation
    • Attn: Matching Gifts
    • 4506 Chester Avenue
    • Cleveland, OH  44103
  • The ACLU of Ohio Foundation will verify the form and return it to your company. We will send you an acknowledgment when the match is received.

Your donation will be doubled!