COLUMBUS — Today the Our collective organizations express our disappointment regarding Secretary of State LaRose’s statement about HR 1: For the People Act. This comprehensive package is indeed Constitutional and will greatly improve election administration and voter access for Ohioans. While many provisions in the bill are already Ohio law, HR 1 would secure improvements that Ohio voter advocates have called for for years.

The For the People Act will serve all Ohio voters by ending partisan gerrymandering, shining a light on dark money, creating greater transparency in elections, and strengthening ethics laws for government officials. The Act would also modernize voter registration and improve security of the voters rolls by adopting Automatic Voter Registration, which is already a priority for Secretary LaRose, Elections Officials and voter advocates, but the General Assembly has failed to take action.

Ohio currently finds itself drowning in numerous dark money scandals, has some of the most gerrymandered districts, suffers under outdated voter registration systems, and endures constant onslaughts to voter access from the General Assembly. There is no better time for HR 1 to become law.