An Analysis Of The ACLU Of Ohio's 2022 Listening Process

February 23, 2023

Each day, public officials make decisions for Ohioans without being truly informed about our needs. At the ACLU of Ohio, we imagine a different way. We imagine an Ohio where we’re connected to each other, speaking up together for the needs and wants of our community.

To make this vision a reality, the ACLU of Ohio embarked on a statewide listening campaign in June of 2022 called Speak Up Ohio,We’re Listening. We sought to hear from you and your neighbors about your biggest hopes, dreams, and needs for the future of our state. Your voice matters. Together, through the thousands of conversations, we have built a movement of people committed to reclaiming Ohio and creating a community that benefits us all.

Throughout this report, you’ll learn more about the thoughts and experiences of your fellow Ohioans. Moving forward, this information will be used to inform the ACLU of Ohio’s priorities as we fight alongside you for the futures we deserve.