Police Contract Negotiations Toolkit - City of Columbus

March 11, 2021

With pro bono support, The ACLU of Ohio created a police contract negotiation toolkit for Columbus. This toolkit includes:

  • An explanation guide to outline what the different provisions mean;
  • An FAQ about the collective bargaining process and the Columbus CBA more specifically, which includes answers to some pressing legal questions; and
  • An FAQ about key players in Columbus, which describes who has what power.

The ACLU supports the rights of employees, both public and private, to organize unions and bargain collectively. Collective bargaining statutes provide critical and necessary protection for workers who exercise basic civil rights, in particular, the rights of speech, association, and petition. Efforts to strip workers of these protections have no place in our democracy. The purpose of this toolkit is to shed light on the collective bargaining process with the goal of enhancing transparency so we can collectively work to address police violence.