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  1. Standing in Solidarity With You

    November 10, 2016PageGeneral Civil Liberties
  2. Civil Rights and Justice Advocates to Hold Press Conference on Purchase of Riot Gear for RNC

    March 21, 2016Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties, Police Practices
  3. MLK Day: Yesterday and Today

    January 18, 2016News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Police Practices, Racial Justice
  4. “No Section 8” Means No Opportunities

    October 7, 2016News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Racial Justice
  5. The Way Forward

    November 18, 2016News updateGeneral Civil Liberties
  6. Citizens Influencing Constitutional Law

    November 30, 2016News updateGeneral Civil Liberties
  7. Citizens in Charge v. Husted (amicus)

    February 12, 2016CaseGeneral Civil Liberties
  8. Oral History » Belle Likover

    July 29, 2016PublicationGeneral Civil Liberties