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  1. ACLU Praises Decision to Strike "Partial-Birth" Abortion Plan

    June 28, 2000Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  2. State Appeals Court Vacates Sentence of Pregnant Prisoner

    April 6, 2000Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  3. Final Settlement in Suit over Sentencing to Prevent Abortion

    June 3, 2002Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  4. Federal Court Defends Woman's Health

    September 28, 2006Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  5. ACLU of Ohio Opposes Ohio Abortion Ban

    June 13, 2006Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  6. Bills Restricting Decisions on Pregnancy Are Unconstitutional, Says ACLU

    May 2, 2011Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  7. ACLU Will Challenge Legislation Restricting Decisions on Pregnancy

    December 6, 2011Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  8. Lawsuit on Abortion Medication Heads to Appellate Court for Oral Arguments

    June 7, 2012Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  9. ACLU Challenges Firing of Ohio Pregnant Woman

    October 1, 2013Press releaseReligious Liberty, Reproductive Freedom, Women's Rights
  10. ACLU Announces Lawsuit Challenging Three Ohio Budget Amendments Restricting Reproductive Rights

    October 9, 2013Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights