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  1. In re CVS Pharmacy, Inc. (amicus)

    July 23, 2020CaseFirst Amendment, Privacy
  2. Legislative Priority: Increase privacy protections

    June 12, 2013News updatePrivacy
  3. Social Media Privacy

    September 27, 2013News updatePrivacy
  4. Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

    September 12, 2013News updatePrivacy
  5. Cell Phone Location Tracking

    September 27, 2013News updatePrivacy
  6. ACLU Sues School Board over Student Privacy

    August 28, 2000Press releasePrivacy
  7. ACLU Condemns New Beer Sale Rules as Unnecessary and Intrusive

    August 9, 2000Press releasePrivacy
  8. ACLU Expresses Concern over Jackson-Milton Drug Test Policy

    August 26, 1999Press releasePrivacy
  9. ACLU of Ohio Opposes Primary Seat Belt Legislation

    April 12, 1999Press releasePrivacy
  10. ACLU to Sue State Liquor Control Commission over Five Keg Law

    May 24, 2001Press releasePrivacy