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  1. ACLU Warns Highway Patrol to Stop Racial Profiling

    December 2, 2008Press releaseRacial Justice
  2. Civil Rights Groups Decry State's Refusal of Identification Documents to Some Citizens

    September 1, 2010Press releaseRacial Justice
  3. Trayvon Martin Tragedy Requires Deeper Examination of Justice and Race

    March 29, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice, Racial Justice
  4. ACLU Releases New Publication Showing the Rapid Decline of Privately Owned Prison

    April 9, 2013Press releaseSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice
  5. New Report Shows African Americans Use Marijuana at a Rate Similar to Whites, But Are Four Times More Likely to be Arrested

    June 4, 2013Press releaseDrug Policy, Racial Justice
  6. ACLU Comment on U.S. Department of Justice Probe of Cleveland Police Department

    December 4, 2014Press releaseSmart Justice, Juvenile Justice, Police Practices, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice
  7. ACLU Says DOJ Agreement with Cleveland Only the Beginning

    May 26, 2015Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  8. ACLU Questions RTA Police Pepper Spray Incident at Close of Movement for Black Lives Convening

    July 30, 2015Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  9. Settlements Are No Substitute for Police Reforms in Cleveland, Says ACLU

    April 25, 2016Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  10. Proposed New Crimes And Penalties Undermine Legislature’s Criminal Justice Reform Efforts, Say ACLU

    March 2, 2017Press releaseSmart Justice, Drug Policy, General Civil Liberties, Juvenile Justice, Racial Justice