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  1. Another Bad Inspection for CCA-Owned Lake Erie Correctional Institution

    February 25, 2013Press releasePrisoners' Rights
  2. ACLU Releases New Publication Showing the Rapid Decline of Privately Owned Prison

    April 9, 2013Press releaseSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice
  3. Pay-to-Stay Jail Fees Just Don’t Add Up

    June 26, 2013Press releasePrisoners' Rights
  4. ACLU Calls on ODRC to Stop Cutting Power to Ohio Prisons

    July 18, 2013Press releaseSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  5. Ohio Officials Must Conduct Full Investigation into Suicide of Ariel Castro

    September 4, 2013Press releaseSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  6. ACLU of Ohio Files Suit On Behalf of Reporters Denied In-Person Interviews with High Security Inmates

    December 9, 2013Press releaseFree Speech, General Civil Liberties, Prisoners' Rights
  7. Hanrahan v. Mohr

    December 9, 2013CaseFree Speech, Prisoners' Rights
  8. HB 603 - Inmate Psychotropic Medicine and Healthcare Access (2011-2012)

    January 11, 2013LegislationPrisoners' Rights
  9. ACLU Blog » Ohio Must Get Out of the For-Profit Prison Business

    May 1, 2013News updateSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  10. Liberty for Sale: Inside Ohio's Private Prison » Toledo

    May 16, 2013PublicationSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights