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  1. Ohio’s Statehouse-to-Prison Pipeline: 133rd General Assembly (2019-2020)

    February 4, 2021PublicationSmart Justice
  2. Ohio’s Statehouse-to-Prison Pipeline 133rd General Assembly (2019-2020): Quick Look

    January 31, 2021PublicationSmart Justice
  3. Drug Courts - A Snapshot of the System

    January 19, 2021PublicationSmart Justice, Drug Policy
  4. Listening Campaign: What We've Learned

    March 21, 2021Publication
  5. HB 294 - Enact Ohio Election Security and Modernization Act - Handout

    May 17, 2021PublicationVoting Rights
  6. How Ohioans Feel About Bail Reform

    March 24, 2021PublicationSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  7. Ohio's Cash Bail System: Current vs. Proposed

    June 2, 2021PublicationSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  8. A Side-By-Side Comparison: Ohio Fairness Act, Equality Act and Bostock Decision

    May 14, 2021PublicationLGBTQ Rights
  9. FAQ: Correcting the Gender Marker on an Ohio Birth Certificate

    May 26, 2021PublicationLGBTQ Rights
  10. How Ohioans Feel About The Death Penalty

    March 8, 2021PublicationDeath Penalty, Smart Justice, Prisoners' Rights