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  1. Ohio Must Expand DNA Testing Availability

    June 19, 2009Press releaseSmart Justice
  2. ACLU Urges Court to Strike Down Unfair Regulations

    November 4, 2009Press releaseSmart Justice
  3. Letter Urges Ohio Legislature to Convene, Consider Reforms to Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems

    November 10, 2010Press releaseSmart Justice, Juvenile Justice
  4. ACLU Report Exposes Resugrence of Debtors' Prisons

    October 4, 2010Press releaseSmart Justice
  5. Criminal Justice Reform Cannot Wait, Says ACLU

    August 17, 2010Press releaseSmart Justice
  6. State Senate Must Restore Earned Credit in Order to Increase Cost Savings, Says ACLU

    May 5, 2011Press releaseSmart Justice
  7. ACLU Questions Judge on Debtors' Prison

    April 20, 2011Press releaseSmart Justice
  8. Prisons for Profit Will Be Costly and Pose Safety Risks, Says ACLU

    April 14, 2011Press releaseSmart Justice
  9. ACLU Urges Summit County Council to Reject 'Pay-to-Stay' Jail Policy

    January 12, 2011Press releaseSmart Justice
  10. State's Decision to Sell Only One Prison Underscores Problems for Taxpayers, Says ACLU

    September 1, 2011Press releaseSmart Justice