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  1. 'Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising' to Be Performed at the New York International Fringe Festival

    July 14, 2008Press releaseDeath Penalty
  2. Ohio ACLU Calls on Senators Brown and Voinovich to Reject Bill Allowing Illegal Spying Program

    June 24, 2008Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties
  3. ACLU Warns Officials on Use of Sectarian Prayer

    June 19, 2008Press releaseReligious Liberty
  4. ACLU Calls on Governor to Veto Bill That Would Allow Involuntary Seizure of Blood Without Warrant

    June 18, 2008Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  5. ACLU Wins Lethal Injection Challenge

    June 11, 2008Press releaseDeath Penalty
  6. ACLU Asks That Judge Be Held in Contempt of Court

    May 29, 2008Press releaseReligious Liberty
  7. School Must Respect Religious Beliefs of Others

    May 28, 2008Press releaseReligious Liberty
  8. House Passage of English-Only Bill Disappoints ACLU

    May 22, 2008Press releaseImmigrant Rights
  9. ACLU Warns Officials on Political Sign Laws

    May 6, 2008Press releaseFree Speech
  10. ACLU Calls on Columbus City Council to Protect LGBT Rights

    December 15, 2008Press releaseLGBTQ Rights