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  1. State of Ohio ex rel. New Prospect Baptist Church v. Honorable Robert Ruehlman

    November 16, 2018CaseSmart Justice, Free Speech, General Civil Liberties
  2. Knab v. Centerville (amicus)

    November 25, 2019CaseSmart Justice, First Amendment, General Civil Liberties
  3. Sanctuary Cities: A Civil Liberties Briefing

    April 1, 2017PublicationSmart Justice, General Civil Liberties, Immigrant Rights
  4. Close Guantanamo: Stop the Legacy of Shame » Cleveland

    July 31, 2013PublicationSmart Justice, General Civil Liberties, Prisoners' Rights
  5. ACLU of Ohio Receives Award For Combating Debtors' Prison

    October 3, 2014News updateSmart Justice, General Civil Liberties
  6. 2020 Was A Lot. This Is Why We’re Hyped For 2021.

    December 28, 2020News updateSmart Justice, Death Penalty, General Civil Liberties, Voting Rights
  7. ACLU of Ohio Urges Lawmakers to Improve Bail Bill

    January 23, 2018Press releaseSmart Justice, General Civil Liberties
  8. Cuyahoga County Bail Report Reveals Problems in System, Judges Indicate Willingness to Embrace Reforms

    October 27, 2017Press releaseSmart Justice, General Civil Liberties
  9. FAQ: Power of Sheriffs

    September 1, 2020PublicationGeneral Civil Liberties, Smart Justice, Police Practices
  10. State v. O'Malley (amicus)

    February 12, 2021CaseSmart Justice, General Civil Liberties