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  1. ACLU Criticizes State for Refusing to Review Failed Execution

    September 30, 2009Press releaseDeath Penalty
  2. Ohio Supreme Court Decision on Cell Phone Searches Protects Privacy and Due Process

    December 15, 2009Press releasePolice Practices, Privacy
  3. ACLU Warns School to Stop Requiring Students to Participate in Pledge

    November 17, 2009Press releaseFree Speech
  4. ACLU Urges School to Stop Censorship of Student Newspaper

    November 10, 2009Press releaseFree Speech
  5. ACLU Defends Activist's Access to Public Records

    November 5, 2009Press releaseOpen Government
  6. ACLU Urges Court to Strike Down Unfair Regulations

    November 4, 2009Press releaseSmart Justice
  7. ACLU Blasts University for Policy Requiring Job Applicants to Submit DNA

    October 28, 2009Press releasePrivacy
  8. Court Sides With ACLU in Religious Freedom Case

    October 9, 2009Press releaseReligious Liberty
  9. ACLU Renews Call for Moratorium on Executions

    October 7, 2009Press releaseDeath Penalty
  10. ACLU Calls on Officials to Protect Political Speech

    October 5, 2009Press releaseFree Speech