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  1. ACLU Urges Ohio to Reject CCA Offer to Privatize Prisons

    March 1, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice
  2. New Report Affirms ACLU Study on Private Prisons

    January 17, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice
  3. Franklin County Should Reconsider Pay-to-Stay Jail Policy, Says ACLU

    December 5, 2011Press releaseSmart Justice
  4. Trayvon Martin Tragedy Requires Deeper Examination of Justice and Race

    March 29, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice, Racial Justice
  5. Decision Against Privatizing More Prisons is the Right Move for Ohio

    September 27, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice
  6. NEW REPORT: Teens in Solitary Confinement

    October 11, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice, Juvenile Justice, Teen Health
  7. Conditions Continue to Worsen at Privately Owned Lake Erie Correctional Institution

    November 28, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  8. ACLU Calls on Attorney General Mike DeWine to Appoint Special Prosecutor to Preside over Nov. 29 Shooting Investigation

    December 13, 2012Press releaseSmart Justice, Police Practices
  9. Conneaut Officials Ask State for Help After Increase in Crime Around CCA-Owned Private Prison

    January 12, 2013Press releaseSmart Justice
  10. ACLU Releases New Publication Showing the Rapid Decline of Privately Owned Prison

    April 9, 2013Press releaseSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice