General SLAPP Suit Resources

  • ACLU of Ohio is a non-profit organization which strives to preserve and defend the principles embodied in the Bill of Rights through litigation, education, and advocacy. Our website provides information on SLAPP suits in addition to various resources on First Amendment claims.
  • The First Amendment Project (FAP) is a non-profit public interest law firm active in two main areas of First Amendment law: anti-SLAPP and open government. FAP provides legal representation to individuals and organizations to defend against SLAPP suits.
  • The Anti-SLAPP Resource Center is a subset of the First Amendment Project, which includes comprehensive information on SLAPP suits.
  • The Center for Competitive Politics promotes and defends citizens’ First Amendment political rights of speech, assembly, and petition.
  • The Center for Media and Democracy includes an article titled, SLAPP Happy: Corporations that Sue to Shut You Up, which provides a good introduction to SLAPP suits.

CyberSLAPP Resources

  • is dedicated to fighting SLAPP suits that occur as a result of speech conducted on the internet.
  • The Digital Media Law Project provides excellent resources on a variety of legal topics including SLAPP suits and Cyber SLAPPs.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation focuses on the intersection of technology and civil liberties, defending free speech, privacy innovation, and consumer rights. The website discusses a variety of Cyber SLAPPs.
  • The Stanford Center for Internet and Society provides information on the intersection of law and technology, with a focus on First Amendment issues. The Center also provides legal representation to clients in matters that raise important issues of free expression, civil rights and technology.
  • The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University focuses on the development, dynamics, norms and standards of cyberspace.
  • The Center for Democracy and Technology is dedicated to keeping the internet open, innovative and free. The Center provides information related to the intersection of the First Amendment and the Internet.
  • Chilling Effects Clearinghouse is a collaboration of various organizations that focus on the First Amendment and strives to inform readers of their First Amendment rights in the context of intellectual property law.

SLAPP Suits and the Media

  • The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press provides news on the First Amendment, including court decisions related to freedom of the press. The Committee also provides free legal assistance to reporters.
  • News Room Law Blog contains posts related to SLAPP suits, anti-SLAPP legislation, as well as information about various legal issues affecting the media.

Anti-SLAPP Resources

  • The Public Participation Project’s Anti-SLAPP Resource Center works to protect citizens from SLAPP suits through the enactment of legislation in Congress and throughout the states. The Center includes a list of helpful organizations, provides various SLAPP suit stories, and discusses ways to get involved in affecting federal anti-SLAPP legislation.
  • The California Anti-SLAPP Project (CASP) is a public interest organization that provides legal representation to individuals and organizations to defend against SLAPP suits. CASP also led successful campaigns to enact California’s anti-SLAPP law in 1992 and to amend it in 1997 and 1999.

Food & Agriculture SLAPP Suits

  • FoodSpeak is a project of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and a coalition of three dozen public interest organizations, which highlights the problem of SLAPP suits against those who speak out on issues of food safety.
  • Veggie Libel Suits are meant to SLAPP Free Speech is a short article, written by Professor Donella Meadows, which succinctly explains SLAPP suits and the chilling effect such suits have on free speech related to food and agriculture.

SLAPP Suit Informational Guides

  • A Citizen’s Guide to Fighting Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation was released by the Ohio Environmental Council and gives a general overview of SLAPP suits and offers resources through the Ohio Environmental Law Center.
  • SLAPP Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation is a comprehensive report that was released in August 2013 by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice. This guide compiles materials from nonprofit organizations, government agencies, consulting companies, newspapers, and journals in an effort to provide a thorough introduction to SLAPP suits. The guide defines what a SLAPP is, discusses anti-SLAPP legislation, highlights individuals who were successful defending against a SLAPP, and includes references to organizations that focus on SLAPP suits.

Other Resources

  • Local Bar Associations. Local bar associations often have a lawyer referral service and may be able to tell you which firms handle pro bono and/or low-cost legal services.
  • Friends and Family. Friends and family are always a good place to seek help. If you are in need of legal help, don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know for their recommendations on a good lawyer

For additional resources please refer to The First Amendment Project’s Anti-SLAPP Resource Center or the Public Participation Project.

DISCLAIMER – The information on this website is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. The information regarding SLAPP suits is meant to provide the public with general information as part of our on-going educational efforts. Every case depends on the specific facts and circumstances involved. To submit a complaint for review, please go to our Need Legal Help page. Do not wait for a response from us. Your problem may have a deadline for legal action. Seek help from an attorney immediately. We may contact you for further information.