Anyone may submit public comment—you don't have to be a lawyer, politician, or high-powered executive to have your voice heard! Public comment is utilized at all levels of government. Some examples include the Ohio Supreme Court; Ohio Department of Education; and the County Boards of Elections.

For those who may have never written public comment, here are a few easy tips:

  • If you have a personal story, share it. By putting a human face to your issue, officials will better be able to understand why this change is important. Refer to your personal skills and experience with phrases like, “As a teacher,” “As a parent of two,” or “As an attorney.”
  • Keep it short. There is no minimum or maximum requirement for public comment, but it is best to keep your comments short and to the point.
  • Be respectful. Overtly negative language may diminish your credibility and undermine your message. It is best to format the comments as a letter to the legislative counsel, and limit editorial comments.
  • Spread the word. If you know others who can provide helpful public comments, please direct them to for more information.